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Writer / Blogger (San Diego)

San Diego based Fresh Healthy Vending, the nationwide leader in healthy vending solutions is actively seeking knowledgeable and talented writers to compose blogs and other written material for our family of websites. Candidates will focus on researching and writing materials to educate our potential customers on healthy vending and leading a healthy lifestyle. Join our team and help promote our Fresh Healthy Vending program online by writing excellent, engaging copy. Get your work published, build your portfolio and earn great money at the same time.

Researching and producing blog content
Works directly with Marketing Department to produce blogs for Fresh websites and blogs
Accept direction and guidance from Fresh Healthy Vending Marketing Department
Commenting on the vending industry in their respective markets and participating in online forums
PR & outreach: Identifying and reaching out to bloggers & journalists who would be interested in learning about our company and its healthy initiatives

High School Diploma or Equivalent
Minimum 1-2 years college level coursework completed.

Office proficiency
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Internet savvy, likes to maintain relationships, get research, read news, and be comfortable with social media websites and social networks
A self-starter with the ability to take the initiative and move forward independently
Passion for emerging online and social media technologies
10-15 hours per week availability

In addition to these skills, we’d love to find someone with:
Interest in Web 2.0 design philosophy and latest consumer web trends; and
Interest in social media, social networking, web advertising and mobile trends.

$15- $25 per article or blog
This is a telecommuting position
Part time / contract position


Google “Fresh Healthy Vending Jobs” and fill out the application on our website


Person needed to write tech articles to be published in magazines (VA, MD & DC)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Looking to hire a skilled freelance writer with very good knowledge in technology and some expertise in business. **This work can be done from home**

Details of the position
You will be writing magazine articles that are targeted for audiences ranging from SMB to mid-sized compaines i.e Construction compaines, Law firms, Doctor’s etc. The articles will cover different topics ranging from networking, security, data storage, virtualization, etc.) to the more mainstream such as mobile phone OS’s, Internet browsers, social media, and consumer electronics products.

***All articles written should be orginial and must pass copyscape.***
You should…
• Have at least 1 year of professional writing experience and previous work to show
• Have very good knowledge of technology and trends.
• Have experience writing articles on technical subjects.
• Be capable of researching.

It’s a plus if you…
• Have a background in IT and can write capably about subjects ranging from business needs to technology trends.
• Availiable to start right away and hit the ground running

Please send information about articles you written before and any links to published work. Also send clips of your written articles.

  • Location: VA, MD & DC
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: Depends on experience

How Do You Learn Or Train for General Transcription Work?

How do you learn or train for general transcription?

There is no formal training required for general transcription. You can learn general transcription yourself and practice.

One way to train for general transcription is by transcribing anything you hear. Transcribing regularly will help you build speed and acquire an ear for transcription work. Practicing transcription will also help you become familiar with using transcription playback software. Using a foot pedal allows hands-free typing and improves your speed and efficiency instantly.

Your typing speed and transcription speed will improve with practice. The more you type and transcribe, the faster you’ll get.

Accuracy is important so focus on typing as quickly as possible without errors. You can use free online typing tutorials and typing tests to improve your typing speed and accuracy.Your transcription speed will keep increasinggradually until you reach your ideal speed.

New transcriptionists are often looking for free audio files to practice transcribing.  Using transcription practice files is just one of the many ways for new transcriptionists to practice transcription.  In addition to practice files, there are many other types of audio files you can use to practice transcription skills.

With a little creativity, you’ll find many ways to practice transcription.  You can transcribe your own voicemail messages, answering machine messages and Skype recordings.  You can record and transcribe television programs, TV interviews and radio interviews and conversations.

There are many online sites where you can find different types of audio files you can practice with.You can download and transcribe online seminars, teleseminars and podcasts from the public domain.  You can download podcasts from to practice transcription and get familiar with different kinds of accents.

Several web sites provide practice transcription files you can use to practice transcribing.  Some sites provide free practice files while other sites sell practice files. Just do a Google search for “transcription practice tapes.”

The NCH web site provides sample audio files you can use with the popular free Express Scribe transcription playback software. Transcribed PDFs are provided to check your finished transcription against. The NCH sample audio files are legal and medical transcription files but you can use them just as well to practice general transcription. Just don’t worry about the legal and medical terms.

You can download practice transcription files and free Express Scribe transcription software at

Before testing for transcription jobs and applying for your first transcription job, practice transcribing anything you hear and make sure that your transcription skills are up to speed.

How to get general transcription work from home without knowing medical terminology and without specialized training. Get my free report, How to Avoid Transcription Scams. Visit

5 Things You Should Learn During Your Medical Transcription Training

There’s a lot to learn if you want to be a medical transcriptionist. It’s a job that requires a very specific skill set. And while you may need to learn additional skills and terminology for particular specialties within medical transcription, there are some things all transcriptionists should learn from a quality training program.

1. Human Anatomy

You won’t be seeing patients, but you need to understand human anatomy. The doctor’s dictation will refer to various body parts, and knowing anatomy helps you to ensure that you aren’t confusing similar terms. If it sounds as though the doctor said one term, but it refers to a body part other than what the rest of the report is dealing with, you know you need to listen more carefully or flag it for clarification.

2. Medical Terminology

Much of the terminology in medicine is quite specialized. Much of it comes from Latin, and learning prefixes and suffixes will be a huge help in improving your vocabulary and in being prepared to learn new terminology as it comes along. Knowing the terminology allows you to know what the doctor is talking about in his dictation. There’s much more to transcription than just transcribing what you hear, but if you don’t understand the terminology, you won’t even be able to do that.

3. Medical Transcription Style and Formatting

Medical reports have very specific style and formatting rules for different types of reports. AHDI has a Book of Style which is the most commonly used style guide in the industry. Individual accounts may have some variations on the standard styles you’ll have to learn, but for the most part you will only need to follow the standard rules set forth in AHDI’s Book of Style.

Correct styling and formatting make it easier for doctors to review patient records and treat them appropriately. They do not want to search the report for points they should be able to find quickly.

4. Drugs and Treatments

This is the area that has new information to deal with most often. You will regularly come across new drugs and treatments even after you’re trained, because new ones are developed all the time. Just think how many commercials you see on television for new drugs. And those are just the ones that get advertised!

This is also an area with some of the greatest traps. Many drugs have names that sound similar to completely different drugs, and brand names are often similar to generic names. You need to get these exactly right. This will be a challenge with some doctors.

5. Legal Issues

The main legal concern most medical transcriptionists deal with is HIPPA, which protects patient privacy. You need to pay careful attention to these requirements, and have your work computer carefully secured and private, not only from others in your house, but from viruses and other sorts of malware. You must use a secure connection to download reports and return transcripts.

Stephanie Foster created for people who want to start medical transcription classes. Learn more about how to choose a medical transcription program at her site.

Keystrokes Transcription Services, Inc.

Beth Miyata
Yorkville, Illinois 60560
Fax: 630.385.7513

Job Information

Experience Level: 5 years of experience.
Location of position: United States: Nationwide position
At Home or Company: At Home
Part-time or fulltime:
Full Time
Employee Type:
Type of Transcription:
Clinic Transcription
Hospital Transcription
Job Description: Keystrokes is hiring full-time MTs with 5+ years medical oncology and/or radiation oncology experience for new and expanding accounts! rnIf you have 5 years of experience in these specialties and want lots for work during your shift, we would like to invite you to apply to join the Keystrokes’ team! For this account we require: Must reside in the United States 5 years’ experience in medical oncology and/or radiation oncology Ability to work full-time hours PC with XP, high speed internet (cable or DSL) We offer: Full-time volume in 8 hours per day, 5 days per week Benefits including health insurance (Keystrokes pays 60%),401k, life insurancernDirect Deposit available with first check PTO starts accruing at 90 days Starting pay of $0.08-0.09 per line depending on experience Friendly management and QA staff Employee status Keystrokes values its’ employees! Come join the best team in the industry!rnApply at:

Transform, Inc

Transform Recruiting Team
850 S. Boulder Hwy #213
Henderson, Nevada 89015
Phone: 800-688-0072

Job Information

Title: Transcriptionist
Experience Level: 3 years of experience.
Location of position: United States: Nationwide position
At Home or Company: At Home
Part-time or fulltime:
Full Time
Employee Type:
Independent Contractor
Type of Transcription:
Clinic Transcription
Job Description: Do you love ONCOLOGY? Then we want you! We have several full time positions open for Mon-Fri shift. 3 years experience with Medical and Radiation Oncology required (GYN Oncology a plus). High speed internet and a minimum of 512 RAM required. These are stable accounts with excellent workflow, dictators, and work availability. No offshore hiring. Please visit our website: and click on the employment tab in the middle and then on the right hand side click on Start the Application Process.
Hardware/Software: Windows; USB foot pedal; Microsoft Word, at least 512 RAM and 1.8 GHz processor
File Transfer Method: High-speed DSL, Cable, Satellite with minimum 256 download and 100 upload speed
Compensation: Competitive