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How Do You Learn Or Train for General Transcription Work?

How do you learn or train for general transcription?

There is no formal training required for general transcription. You can learn general transcription yourself and practice.

One way to train for general transcription is by transcribing anything you hear. Transcribing regularly will help you build speed and acquire an ear for transcription work. Practicing transcription will also help you become familiar with using transcription playback software. Using a foot pedal allows hands-free typing and improves your speed and efficiency instantly.

Your typing speed and transcription speed will improve with practice. The more you type and transcribe, the faster you’ll get.

Accuracy is important so focus on typing as quickly as possible without errors. You can use free online typing tutorials and typing tests to improve your typing speed and accuracy.Your transcription speed will keep increasinggradually until you reach your ideal speed.

New transcriptionists are often looking for free audio files to practice transcribing.  Using transcription practice files is just one of the many ways for new transcriptionists to practice transcription.  In addition to practice files, there are many other types of audio files you can use to practice transcription skills.

With a little creativity, you’ll find many ways to practice transcription.  You can transcribe your own voicemail messages, answering machine messages and Skype recordings.  You can record and transcribe television programs, TV interviews and radio interviews and conversations.

There are many online sites where you can find different types of audio files you can practice with.You can download and transcribe online seminars, teleseminars and podcasts from the public domain.  You can download podcasts from to practice transcription and get familiar with different kinds of accents.

Several web sites provide practice transcription files you can use to practice transcribing.  Some sites provide free practice files while other sites sell practice files. Just do a Google search for “transcription practice tapes.”

The NCH web site provides sample audio files you can use with the popular free Express Scribe transcription playback software. Transcribed PDFs are provided to check your finished transcription against. The NCH sample audio files are legal and medical transcription files but you can use them just as well to practice general transcription. Just don’t worry about the legal and medical terms.

You can download practice transcription files and free Express Scribe transcription software at

Before testing for transcription jobs and applying for your first transcription job, practice transcribing anything you hear and make sure that your transcription skills are up to speed.

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Article – Transcription Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not something new. In fact, this has been common practices among businesses for years, but with the increasing number of businesses sending work overseas, and our economy in a declining state, are we being robbed of our jobs?

When I say robbed, of course, I don’t mean in the physical sense, but it’s really sad when a transcriptionist who made $.08 cents per line more than 20 years ago is now being offered the same if not less to work today. Depending on what side of the fence you’re on will determine how you look at the situation. If you are a company trying to stay in business you have two choices – offer lower rates or go out of business – BUT, you can send your work outside of the country and for mere pennies a day, you can get your work completed and returned.

I’m all for trying to cut costs to stay afloat, but there are two major concerns with this. One, is my private information being sent across the seas for any and everyone to see, and two, why are those left jobless being offered editing work to correct the mistakes for a measly 2-3 cents per line? Is it really cost-effective when you have to pay someone to transcribe and then pay someone to edit and has quantity surpassed quality here in the U.S.?

On the other side of the fence, we can’t blame workers overseas for trying to make a living. If the shoe were on the other foot, I’m quite sure we all would be dancing a jig and thankful for the abundance of work coming our way. It’s not like they said, “Give me all your work right now, or else.”

I do have to say that there are quality workers overseas and the stereotype that people in foreign countries have no skills is in fact just the opposite. Just as with any geographical location, you have a mixture of those that can and those that try. My argument is with those companies who suddenly have no work and without notice, you no longer have a job. Why? Because they are secretly sending work overseas. This has been a big debate in the transcription world and many have expressed their disgust with the situation in private and public forums. What do you do in a situation like this? Do you keep quiet and pray that your job isn’t eliminated even if you are making half of what you use to? Do you demand hire pay rates and talk yourself out of a job? You do what most people are doing and leaving the field completely because they cannot possibly make a decent living unless they are glued to their computer praying for jobs to come up so they can grab them before anyone else does.

This is a serious problem and it appears there is no simple solution in sight.

Let’s keep the transcription here in the U.S. SERVICES AVAIL.